South Jersey Landscaping

South Jersey Landscaping

Well hello! And thank you for your interest in Lisk Landscape’s South Jersey Landscaping services! We encourage you to take a look at our (Landscape Photo Gallery) to get a general idea of what we’re capable of. Ultimately, we specialize in South Jersey landscaping design & installation services – so seeing the project through from start to finish is a constantly ongoing process for us. Our experience with giving our clients what they want while staying within the perimeters of their budget is what we’ve grown our reputation upon. South Jersey Landscaping

South Jersey Landscaping Design

The importance behind having a landscape design is often overlooked. This is a mistake. It’s as though you’re planning on taking a cross-country road trip with no map, no compass, and no GPS system. You’d end up lost, confused, and wishing you had planned your trip a little better. Your South Jersey landscaping design layout is no different! It is a necessity if you want us to execute a carefully orchestrated South Jersey landscaping design scheme. The South Jersey landscaping design is your ‘road map’, if you will… When you (call or email) to schedule an appointment with us for your South Jersey Landscaping consultation, it will be either (Steve or Justin) that meets with you. During this consultation, we will ask a lot of questions to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Taking that into consideration, we implement our own ideas into the design process.

The main benefits of our South Jersey Landscaping Design services:

    • You won’t get “lost” (see above analogy).
    • We design digitally – Meaning everything is done on the computer, making revisions faster & easier! Nothing will have to be re-drawn! Also, designing digitally allows us to embed a sample photo of the plants to be installed, saving you all those Google Image searches!
South Jersey Landscaping

South Jersey Landscaping Project Proposal

Once we have the South Jersey landscaping design fashioned to your liking, we will draw up a proposal document outlining what it will cost to have your newly designed South Jersey landscaping installed. This is where we decide if it’s time to add on or take away from the design plan, depending on the price-range we’re trying to be in. The design fee cost is now absorbed & credited to this aspect of it.

South Jersey Landscaping Installation

And finally… after the South Jersey landscaping design process & the project proposal have passed the approval stage, we will build your vision. From start to finish, Lisk Landscape’s attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship will reveal themselves in the form of your finished landscape project.

Lisk Landscape was voted BEST OF HOUZZ for 2015. Click on the HOUZZ image below to see some of our Featured work!

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