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Some of Our Current Waterproofing Projects

Channel Drain Installation Project #451

Uploaded by Stephen Lisk on 2015-09-14.

“Steve is an Expert! 
The Custom Channel Drains around my property are working great! 
No More Flooding!”

Matthew Marlowe

Cherry Hill, NJ

Exterior French Drain Installation

Uploaded by Stephen Lisk on 2015-08-13.

“I was getting water in the front portion of the house,
Steve diagnosed how to resolve it properly and the French Drain they installed works beautifully.
I recently had Steve add an additional French Drain in the back of my home.
I Highly Recommend Lisk!

Kathy Insillo

Voorhees, NJ

Basement Waterproofing NJ | Drainage NJ | Waterproofing NJ

Cape May, NJ - Installation of Sewage Pump System in crawlspace of home. Existing Sump Pump failed due to clogging of sediment.

“We recently had two new homes built and the home builder left us with a Swamp in the backyard.
Steve and his guys are Amazing!
I never thought our yards would be this Dry especially after
Hurricane Sandy.
God Bless Lisk Drainage Solutions!

Dave Willey & Melissa Strack

West Cape May, NJ

Basement Waterproofing NJ | Waterproofing NJ | Drainage NJ

Mount Laurel, NJ - Lisk installed an exterior French Drain along the backside of the foundation approx. 2-3 ft. deep. In addition, also excavated down & sealed exterior walls to prevent water from seeping in.

“10 years ago we had a
construction company
build us a patio in the backyard.
The Result:
A sinking patio
and water in my basement!
After speaking with him, we had Steve and his Crew remove the Patio and Waterproof the Basement.
They also Properly re-built the Patio. Guess what ..No More Water!

Linda Lepone

Mount Laurel, NJ 

Channel Drain & French Drain Installation

Uploaded by Stephen Lisk on 2016-01-21.

“A Retired War Veteran - I had already received a few estimates, but Steve and Paris were the most Confident on how to Resolve my problem, and
They Guaranteed It!
Guess What?
They Proved Themselves.
Best Contractors I
have Ever Dealt With!

Lou Furness

Blackwood, NJ

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Uploaded by Stephen Lisk on 2016-01-21.

“There's plenty of those companies out there that claim they have that Overpriced Perfect System 
that never really works.
Steve is a Problem Solver.
He saved me
Lots of Time and Money! 
I highly recommend Steve
and the Lisk Team!

Keith Speyerer

Haddon Heights, NJ


“I Started Lisk Drainage Solutions from the Saturated Turf Areas Outside, 
 Eventually Leading
to Flooding
inside of homes.
We are the Holmes on Holmes of Waterproofing
(Google if you are unfamiliar). We strive to utilize the Best Techniques and Most Current Practices to ensure
that Water is
no longer a hassle for You!
Nothing but 
is what you can expect from
The Lisk Team

Stephen Lisk


2005 University of Maine Graduate
Customer Relations Expert Quality Control Specialist
I am truly dedicated to solving our customers water concerns. With our extensive experience in water management, paired with our customer service focus, We will NOT STOP until we solve your drainage issues.
That's Our promise

Paris Minor

Project/Sales Manager

“With over 20 Years Experience as a Master Carpenter,
Master Plumber, Master Irrigation Tech 
& Master Waterproofer
 I Lead the Lisk Drainage Team every step of the way.
From Stephen to Paris to Constructing French Drain Systems with Perfection;
Water will be your
Last Fear when we've completed your project

Trevor Willard

Field Manager

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Service Offerings:

- Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing 
- French Drains
- Yard Drainage/Swales 
- Downspout Drainage
- Channel Drains
- Foundation Repair
- All Phases Of Masonry
- Sump Pump Installation
- And More!

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All Prices are Only a Rough Estimate. Pricing includes labor & material:
- 4" Basement French Drain System $35 to $75 per ft. 
- 4" Downspout or Piping for French Drain & Flow-Wells - $10 to $20 per ft.
- (1) Flow-Well 3' x 3' x 3' - $800 to $1,200 
- Channel Drain - $75 to $125 per ft.
- Exterior French Drain around home - $100 to $250 /depth of 3-5 ft. deep
- Sump Pump & PIT (24" Depth PIT - LIBERTY PUMP - 1/3 HP Pump) - $975

* With the above stated, there are factors included that would increase pricing for Exterior Services. For example: soil conditions, tree roots, concrete removal, additional materials, etc. 


New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware


NO, All Consulations/Estimates are Free of Charge.


Absolutely! All of our work is 100% Guaranteed.
The Lisk Team will Discuss this with you during your Consultation.