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Use Organic Lawn Fertilizer… Not Poisonous Synthetics

Besides the chemical aroma wafting through the air, what is the first thing you notice when a lawn fertilization company treats your property?  That little flag at the end of the driveway warning you not to touch the grass for a couple days.  The flag usually has a picture of a baby or dog with a message that says not to let them onto the grass until the application has had a chance to dry.
lisk landscape - landscaping - pesticides - organic fertilizer
The reason they tell you not to walk on it is because the synthetic materials they are using are poisonous.  These chemicals are being introduced to your property every time a new treatment is applied. Is it really practical to not allow your dog out into the yard for a couple of days?  Probably not.  Does it excite you that you could be tracking pesticides into your home simply by walking across the grass?  Highly doubtful.

 The Alternative

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to the issue – and that is Organic Lawn Fertilizer! Organic Lawn Fertilizer is made with (you guessed it!) organic materials.  No synthetics, no chemicals, no toxins… no danger! The benefits of using an organic lawn fertilizer far outweigh those of a chemically-based product.  When using an organic lawn fertilizer, the idea is to build up and to sustain a healthy microbe population.  The microbes in your soil naturally feed the lawn.  It’s the same principal as when you mulch the grass when cutting your lawn.  Those clippings are returned into the environment, eventually biodegrade, and they naturally enrich the soil. After years and years of being treated using synthetic fertilizers, the biology of your lawn’s soil essentially needs to be transformed back to a natural state.  This does take time, and it is a process – but fortunately for you, we know the process, and we’ll get you there!
Organic Lawn Fertilizer Review:
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • No risk of poisoning your family/pets
  • It’s organic… so it’s environmentally-friendly!
  • No grace period where you can’t let your children play on the lawn for days.
Switching to organic lawn fertilizer will yield results, and Lisk Landscape Management can be your guiding light!

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A Pertinent Remedy To A Persistent Water Drainage Problem

In this writeup, we’re going to go over “A Pertinent Remedy To A Persistent Water Drainage Problem”.  This client’s property was experiencing water puddling in various areas of their front yard.  Lisk Landscape was called in to offer an affordable drainage solution, and we are going to review that solution here! Lisk Landscape - Water Drainage Problem Because of the water drainage problem, a channel has been excavated to prepare the ground for 4″ drainage pipe & permeable stone.  As you can see, we prepared the water drainage problem area by digging a ditch.  This ditch will be the bedding that holds the permeable fabric, stone, and drainage piping.  This system will ultimately lead out to a popup installed in designated area of the yard. Lisk Landscape - water drainage problem The above photo illustrates how we plan to carry the water away from the property, and out to the street. Also, it is important to note that as we progress in our water drainage problem projects, we like to maintain a clean work environment so that the customer is a pleased as can be with the end result. The photo shows overturn clumps of grass alongside the excavated drainage channel. This is so that we can replace that grass over the filled hole, preventing any wait time for your grass to return! lisk landscape - water drainage problem We have now installed a layer of fabric, stone, and the drainage piping within the excavated drainage channels. The stone you see will be covered over with another layer of fabric, then back-filled with soil. Once that’s complete, we will replace the overturned clumps of grass, and this drainage water problem is solved!! Please watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation of this drainage system. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook! If you have any questions or comments, we invite you to participate on this page below!

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

5 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Saving you lots of Time

Landscaping is all about improving the appearance of home surroundings. Everyone likes to have a serene and beautiful environment either for aesthetic value it will provide or for practical use. However, style=”text-decoration:none;color:#676c6c”>adiposity maintaining such a landscape may be burdensome. The time is not always there to attend to all the demands of maintaining a beautiful landscape. Recently there has renewed interest in landscaping. Many people have realized the importance of green growth in their surroundings. Are you on the lookout for landscaping ideas that will save you in time and will not require much maintenance since time is a scarce commodity nowadays? Read on to discover five low maintenance landscaping ideas & tips that’ll allow you enjoy more time with family & friends.

Planting of Shrubs and Trees

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Tree planting is one of the ways to improve your landscape. Most folks prefer to live in a home that is cooler in the summer months and warmer in winter. Planting a tree can be one great low maintenance landscaping ideas that can be used to ones advantage. A deciduous tree such as a Crape Myrtle, can be planted outside of the window. During the summer, the planted trees will provide shade which will result in an insulation barrier keeping the home cool during the summer. In the winter, these trees will allow sunshine ultimately resulting to warmth through out the home. In addition, evergreen plants can also be incorporated. These low maintenance landscaping ideas are potential sources of shade.

Using watering can instead of hose

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas A garden hose is only necessary for the earlier parts of your plants and flowers life span. After your plants are fully mature, the only necessary requirement is watering. There is tendency to over-water the plants if a hose or sprinkler system is used. Usage of watering helps you to do the job more efficient and at the same time, the plant/shrubs are equally protected.

Plant some water loving plants near water source

low maintenance landscaping ideas In order to save time from watering of plants that have great affinity for water for their optimum growth, it is advisable to plant these near a water source. Drip irrigation can also be employed to irrigate the roots of the plant. This will ensure that adequate moisture is available to the plant. Be careful, not all the plants will thrive when they are being saturated with too much water.

Incorporating some Landscaping Stone

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For a person, with limited time, that wants to keep a low maintenance landscape which will also save time, gravel landscape may be the best choice. The area for landscaping is leveled with a sheet of landscaping fabric prior to installing the stone on a smooth surface. The landscaping stone will help prevent or slow down weed growth. A few low maintenance plants can be purchased for planting. These can be grown in decorative pits around the landscape. This low maintenance landscaping ideas is an easy way to maintain landscape that will save you ample time but at the same time, maintain beautiful surroundings.

Addition of drought loving plants to landscape

low maintenance landscaping ideas Another low maintenance landscaping ideas is the addition of day-lilies, succulents, cacti and some other drought –loving plants to your landscape. There are so many varieties of low maintenance plants that will are also be drought resistant. Finding the ones that suit your aesthetic preferences, climatic condition and soil requirement should bean herculean task. Preferably, it is advisable to grow plants that are indigenous to your area. These are always less expensive and require low maintenance, minimal water and fertilizers.

Winter Gardening Tips


A garden is a great addition to a home and most people do not regret planting one in their yard. While it is a fun hobby and an excellent way to enjoy healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables, it is also a lot of hard work. It also requires a person to plan and take a few steps to make sure the plants stay healthy throughout the year. With that being said, a person with a garden should follow these Top 10 Winter Gardening Tips as this will help the plants live longer and the garden flourish.


During the cold and inclement winter months, plants will have a hard time avoiding the elements. When this happens, depending on the variety, they will have a harder time recovering in the spring. To protect plants and keep everything warm, a gardener should add mulch and place it under and around the plants. This will help keep the root temperature stable which will ensure that the plant does not succumb to the elements. Now, when placing the mulch around the garden, a person should do it in early December as this will allow it to settle in and start protecting the plants before a significant cold snaps hits. Winter Gardening Tips


Some people neglect their garden in the winter as they feel the plants do not require any protection or care. This could not be further from the truth, and a serious gardener who wants his or her plants to thrive should add compost. When adding this at the right time, it will supply nutrients to the soil and the plants will grow faster and not succumb to the elements. Ideally, when adding the compost, a person should only put about three inches worth around the plants as it will still allow them to breathe and grow. Winter Gardening Tips


Before a freeze, a person should water their plants, especially annuals and potted plants. This will help the plants as the roots will not freeze as the water will not reach that area. Of course, when doing this, a person must make sure to water their roots and above ground shoots. When doing this ahead of a cold storm, a person can protect their plants, and they will look good throughout the winter.  


A person with container plants should cover them with a frost cloth or protective blanket. To keep potted plants warm, a person can also set them near the foundation of the house as it is warmer than the rest of the yard. However, during severe storms, a gardener should bring his or her vulnerable plants inside the house or garage. Ideally, when following this tip, a homeowner would watch the weather forecast so he or she can bring in the plants before the storm hits as it will go a long way in protecting the delicate leaves and roots of a plant. Winter Gardening Tips


If the ground is soft enough to dig a big hole, a gardener should continue to plant. This will allow a person to continue to improve the yard and complete the job before the spring. This is beneficial, especially in climates where it does not get extremely cold. With that being said, it may not work for gardeners in the northern states. However, people living in the south or on the west coast can, with ease, put in new items in their garden most of the year.

Winter Gardening Tips


In some areas of the country, animals will try to eat a plant as they will have no other choice. Now, this is not usually problematic for a gardener living in an urban environment, but it will come up when a person lives in the country. To prevent this and protect the plants, a gardener must take steps to protect the plants by placing a barrier around the edge of the garden. Remember, animals, in the colder months, will snap up plants and eat them.

Winter Gardening Tips


When planting right before the cold months, a person should try to place their plants facing the north. When exposed to the north, they will receive more sunlight and a greater temperature variation. For a new plant, this is crucial as it will sustain less damage and thrive when it gets enough sunlight. This is one of the most important winter gardening tips to follow, and it is easy to do so as most experienced gardeners know where the plants should face.

Winter Gardening Tips


When placing salt or other substances on the driveway or street, a gardener should exercise caution. With salts from the road seeping into the garden, plants will suffer as it will create a bad PH balance. To prevent this, when laying salt on the driveway, a homeowner should do it slowly and methodically when around the garden or plants. When protecting the winter landscaping with this tip, a gardener can avoid a serious problem on his or her hands.

Winter Gardening Tips


When planting in, and right before, the winter, a person should know which plants will thrive. This is a great idea as some plants will do poorly in the winter while others will continue to grow. Now, to understand which plants work, a person will have to do some research as it varies depending in the regions of the world. However, when following this tip, a person can have a successful winter landscaping setup.

Winter Gardening Tips


In the winter, plants will suffer from the elements. While this is hard to prevent, a person can fertilize the plants regularly to give them a fighting chance. With the right fertilizer, a person can strengthen the plants. Ideally, when doing this, a gardener should do it often as the plants will need all the help they can get. This is one of the most important winter gardening ideas a person should follow as it is difficult for some shrubs to survive without adequate nutrients and care.

Winter Gardening Tips

Top 10 Winter Gardening Tips, a gardener can enjoy a nice garden all year. It is necessary to follow all these ideas as the plants will suffer tremendously if a gardener does not give the best care and protection to the plans. Simply put, when a person can follow these ten winter gardening ideas, they will see their garden thrive and their neighbors full of envy.

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

6 Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas on a Tight Budget

Landscaping of homes is a way of improving the appearance of the surroundings of the home either for aesthetic value or for practical use. Home landscaping is very easy if you know what to improve upon. Everyone wants their homes to look attractive. Inexpensive landscaping ideas do not imply keeping an inferior landscape. It is very much possible to keep a fabulous landscape without spending a fortune. It all boils down to the information you have at your disposal and how much you are willing to do in order to have a beautiful landscape. Here, you have 6 tips to develop inexpensive landscaping ideas on a tight budget.

1. The use of Cheap and Affordable Plants

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

There is need for adjustment of our attitudes and mindset. Many believe quality plants can only be bought from specialized gardens. This is only a function of the mindset. Many are of the opinion that obtaining cheap plants is compromising the quality landscape. This, viagra dosage also, is not true. What is important is having the time to sift through the cheap plants so as to select specimens that are acceptable. Another thing is having the time to give the selected plants extra care after planting. The time spent on the steps above usually help to keep an inexpensive landscape that appears as if millions of dollars have been invested.

2. Conserving as much water as possible

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Inexpensive landscaping Ideas transcends obtaining cheap and affordable plants. There are plants that require more water than others. Water is a precious commodity which should be conserved as much as possible. To achieve this, drought tolerant plants can be selected. These perennials are better plants to opt for. Money can also be saved through the installation of automatic irrigation systems. This will avert wastage of water that is associated with the use of hose and watering cans. Inexpensive landscaping is possible making use of this fabulous idea.

3. Containers and Fertilizers

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Making use of containers for planting is advisable if there is a limited space for landscape. Inexpensive containers can be purchased and plants can be done by the owner of the landscape. There are so many inexpensive containers can be got from yard sales. The only caution about containers bought from yard sales is scouring out the containers very well as they may be harboring plant diseases. Addition of fertilizers is a necessity for plants whether they are planted in the ground or in containers. The best way to avoid spending on fertilizer in order to save money is building your own compost bin. All the kitchen wastes, scraps, raked leaves, food leftovers etc. gets incorporated into the compost bin. If these components are watered and mixed regularly, soil supplements can easily be derived from the compost for free. This is a way of recycling waste and at the same time, it saves the amount that will be spent on fertilizer.

4. Overuse of Pesticides on Lawns

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Many people who keep a landscape are always obsessed over weeds in their lawns. This usually makes them to spend many dollars on broadleaf weed killing products. The result of their actions is a monoculture. According to experts, certain percentages of weeds are acceptable in the lawn. Their opinion is that it helps to keep a healthier lawn due to the presence of diversity. If the weeds are clovers, it is better left as they help to fertilize the lawn for free. Excessive weeding should be avoided to avoid monoculture.

5. Incorporate some Hardscaping

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Inexpensive landscape can be kept by employing the use of brick walkways, ponds & rock gardens. It offers the opportunity to do some tasks personally and this usually saves the owner of the landscape lots of money on daily landscaping maintenance. Most of the jobs are very easy to do. Proper planning of the Master landscape plan offers the opportunity to have a well laid unique looking landscape. It also affords the owner to work on the landscaping maintenance comfortably.

6. The use of the Existing Plants

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Many home owners usually look down on what they have. Instead of buying new plants, preserving the existing plants can be a great way to save the cost, resources and material that will be required to plant new ones. Having the right education about plant care and pruning will save you a lot of money. Here at Lisk Landscape, we love to incorporate some of the existing plants if possible, to help keep costs down.

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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

11 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas & Tips

Christmas is a magical time and many families have traditions that may reach back many decades. One of the things families love to do at Christmas is to take a ride in the family car visiting homes that have spectacular outdoor light displays. Below are some Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips that can spark your imagination to create your own display.

Great Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas Need Imagination and Planning.

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas We all know people who are not only lovers of Christmas, but are thrilled with the specialized design of Outdoor Christmas Lighting. Their yards look like their decorations were planned and executed by senior Disney Imagineers. Objects blink, whirl, splash and glow. Children squeal with delight and adults of every age are entranced by the Christmas magic. While we join the traffic slowly gliding by their homes, we think on one hand about their utility bill, while on the other we are consumed with the desire to enhance our own front yards with some of this celebratory cheer. Here are 11 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas & Tips, using some traditional and other, very creative Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas.

1. Make everything’s light except your pocket.

  There’s no reason why Outdoor Christmas Lighting should cost a fortune. Here are some steps to take to help save the planet by using less electricity and save your wallet by spending much less.
    • Switch your incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. LED means light-emitting diode and LED lights are available in many colors and can be used in many functions. The homeowners who are termed “enthusiastic decorators” use an average of 18,332 Watts costing an average of $310.73 per season. If they switched to LED lights, the savings would amount to 2,369 Watts and cost $40.15. An LED bulb uses from 80 to 90 percent less electricity than an incandescent bulb.
    • Use timers to control costs. When timers are used, you totally control the cost of electricity. You can have the lights turn on at 5:30 p.m. and shut off at 9:30 p.m. The neighborhood show will have appreciated predictable hours and you can be sure lights are turned off so that your neighbors can sleep undisturbed.
  • Use extension cords to stretch your display. Use extension cords rather than light strings to lengthen your display in less visible areas.

Pick a new and unique theme each year.

You have the lights and the temptation is to use them in the same way in the same places each year. When you think about it, it’s obvious that your lights can be used in any way you choose. Make your home exciting! Your neighbors and the “lookieloos” will begin to eagerly anticipate your new and exciting displays. Use some of the Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas below for inspiration.

2. A Cowboy Christmas.

Who doesn’t love the Wild West? The trail boss and his crew can celebrate Christmas on the Goodnight Trail, tending their herd and sitting around the campfire, sharing stories of Christmases past. The camp cook, always called Cookie, can be pouring coffee or stirring a black iron pot on the back of his chuck wagon.

3. A Child’s First Christmas

The charm of one of the very littlest whose eyes widen in surprise and wonder at the unexpected lights and ornaments, plus the miracle of Santa. A parent might be nearby taking an old-fashioned photo with a bulb that flashes as part of the display. Perhaps a puppy is sitting with them or mom is serving cookies. Use your imagination!

4. Christmas in the South Seas.

For originality and interest, you can’t beat this total flip of the North Pole. Palm trees, fire dancers and ukuleles playing Christmas songs will be a one-of-a-kind celebration. A fire pit roasting a pig, the sound of the waves crashing on shore and a large harvest moon add to the exotic appeal. This is one idea that almost requires (non-irritating) sound effects.

5. Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s House.

This nostalgic trip will trigger memories of the special places grandparents hold in their grandchildren’s hearts, even when the grandchildren are in their 90s. Cookie baking with Grandma and all the kids will bring back nostalgic memories, with an oven door opening and closing after the baking sheet is put inside. Grandpa can teach the boys how to tie a fly, hit a line drive with a baseball or build a tool box. Perhaps a story being read at bedtime will be a charming addition to the scene.

6. Santa’s Workshop.

Make sure that your North Pole workshop is unique. There is nothing quite so exciting as showing an old idea in a totally new and exciting way. This is the time to go wild with your imagination. Is there anything wrong with having the reindeer playing cards or checkers? The elves can help Santa with toy making, but what about changing the expected toy trains with iPhones, ATVs or big-screen TVs. How about a scene where the elves have their feet up drinking hot chocolate while the reindeer are making the toys instead? The workshop almost demands a comedic treatment.

7. Christmas Among the Forest Animals.

Let your inner Disney shine forth! Baby forest animals are adorable and everyone will love the display. How about a Christmas celebration that is held by the unpopular animals? Skunks, porcupines and even Bigfoot would be amusing and show that everyone deserves the chance to celebrate Christmas with those they love.

8. Religious Themes.

The best displays among devout Christians are those that demonstrate one of the Christmas stories. Read through the four disciples’ accounts of the day of Jesus’ birth with a new, creative eye. Try to think of more than the usual manger scene. A great Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tip is to “visit” another country each year, using the Christmas traditions of each. Ideas for countries like Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece and Jerusalem will jumpstart your planning for the next five years!

9. A Fairy Tale Christmas.

Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jack in the Beanstalk or Rumpelstiltskin, they will all charm and delight youngsters when they see their favorite characters come to life.

10. Decorate Your Car or Boat

Look around your property with a new eye. You can decorate any object that stands still in the early evening hours. Playhouses, tree houses, jungle gyms and a child’s wagon: each of these would make a charming display.

11. Highlight Your Occupation.

Whatever the occupations of the folks in the house, celebrate them with your outdoor display. An accountant putting numbers in an old-fashioned adding machine and a large paper ledger will be a lot of fun. Have Santa’s elves secretly looking over his shoulder and add other touches of Christmas. Teachers, doctors, librarians and housewives would all make charming scenes. Regardless of how you celebrate the season, the important thing is to celebrate it with friends and family. Planning and executing outdoor Christmas decorating ideas together can create indelible memories for all.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

13 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Make A Big Difference!

Feeling squeezed when you walk out your back door? Sometimes, the owners of small plots of land feel they are hampered by their lack of room in their backyard. After all, how do you mow a plot of land roughly the size of a large deck? Actually, it does not require much research to find some innovative, not to mention beautiful and carefree, Small Backyard Landscaping Tips for smaller spaces. Successful Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas depend on planning for who will use the space and how.

Small Yards Can Be Beautiful Yards

1. No Grass, No Worry

Backyard Landscaping does not necessarily demand bluegrass. Ground greenery using Mondo grass, sometimes known as monkey grass, can work wonderfully. This grassy groundcover is practically carefree year-round. Plant them around trees or in interesting patterns.

small backyard landscaping ideas


2. Plant Over, Up and Around

A great small Backyard Landscaping Ideas is to use trellises to support vines. One of the most lovely and romantic ways to use trellis planting is to frame a bench or other intimate seating area. Trellis sides on each slope of the seating meet with a top length of trellis, the “roof” of the structure. Use one of the many varieties of clematis, which produces lovely and long-lasting blooms for weeks at a time. Planting one or two grape varieties will pay off handsomely in just a few years.

 small backyard landscaping ideas

3. Water Features for Soul Soothing

There is nothing like the sound, look and feel of water. Water can be used in many ways and many dimensions in the small backyard. Fountains are perfect for a small space. Some of the more interesting uses are moving water displays that run vertically, such as a vertical fountain hung on a fence. Hiring a local sculptor to create a one-of-a-kind piece can make a real statement.

 small backyard landscaping ideas

4. Raised Beds Are Great Everywhere

Raised beds have been used by gardeners for a long time. The ground is double-spaded that is, dug twice to a depth of 2 to 3 feet. The garden bed is framed above ground level, usually with treated lumber or redwood. When planted with vegetables, these beds can easily provide a season of fresh food for a small family. Since the plants grow so close together, weeds are seldom a problem. Raised beds can even be made to be portable.

small backyard landscaping ideas

5. Pots and Pots of Plants

Plants do not have to go directly into the ground. Browsing a local garden center will surely turn up many examples of lovely and unique pots in many sizes, shapes and colors. Best of all, this Backyard Landscaping Idea can be accomplished over several years, until the space is filled with a wonderful collection. By using complementary colors and varieties of plants, and placing of the pots with an artistic eye, the result can be stunning.

small backyard landscaping ideas


6. Takeout with Taste

Foodies will love this tip for their small backyards. Planting an old-fashioned kitchen garden takes little space and produces superb kitchen products. Imagine stepping just outside the back door to harvest basil, chives, mint and a few cherry tomatoes for supper. There are many varieties of herbs, many flowering and beautiful as well as tasty.

small backyard landscaping ideas


7. Stage the Backyard with Furniture

When we think of outdoor furniture, we see lawn chairs, benches and picnic tables. How about this Small Backyard Landscaping idea? Try placing a bed in your yard, preferably under a shady dwarf tree. A comfy bed made up in pretty bedclothes will create a unique retreat for reading a book or taking a snooze in the afternoon. Simply cover the bed when not in use. Do not forget to include one of many fire pit designs, a must-have for cool evenings.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas


8. Rock and Gravel Planting

Not every space in your small yard needs to be planted. Sometimes, the majesty of large rocks placed strategically adds depth to a landscaping design. Differing sizes and colors of gravel can produce a work of art, a painting directly on the earth. Keep in mind the ancient art of the Japanese Zen garden. It is not too difficult to learn and produce, and working within its borders is guaranteed to be relaxing.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

9. A Place for the Children

If youngsters live in the house, their needs should of course be included in the planning of the backyard. Raise a platform of soil around the edges of the backyard and cover the soil with rubberized playground mulch for safety. The area can be a base for playground sets, a tree house or a sandbox. Want to keep the outside outside? Install a screened outdoor shower in the yard.

small backyard landscaping ideas

10. From a Tuscan Villa

Many of us long for a Tuscan villa with a long, sloping lawn where a farmer’s table is set with linens and fine china, ready to receive the extended family. Have the next best thing in your small backyard by utilizing a narrow space and fitting it with the longest narrow table you can fit into the space. Go wild with the table setting, from the tablecloth to a candelabrum. Use Backyard Landscaping Ideas for lighting, such as hanging fairy lights over the table and in the trees. Whether you seat a large family or a newlywed couple, the space will be magic.

small backyard landscaping ideas

11. Shade is Possible for the Small Space

Merely because a backyard space is small, does not mean trees are out. There are many varieties of dwarf trees such as evergreen Mugo pines or Japanese White Pines. Deciduous trees such as Bloodgood Japanese maple trees are also popular choices. Be careful. If larger trees are planted, they will eventually need to be removed.

small backyard landscaping ideas

12. Bring the Backyard Into the Front Yard

With the imaginative use of screens and borders, front yards can be joined to the backyard. Seating areas that cannot be fitted into a backyard space can perhaps be accommodated in a side yard or behind a screen in front. When thinking about Backyard Landscaping Ideas, it is useful to consider the entire property for inclusion into the landscape design.

small backyard landscaping ideas

13. Landscaping Steep Hillsides

Many small backyards have a tiny space behind the house that is level and the rest of the backyard property slopes down steeply. Smart Backyard Landscaping Tips include ways to prevent erosion, an important consideration for the homeowner if they wish to avoid watching their home slide downhill. A landscaping contractor can terrace the hill, making several wider spaces down the hill that can be used for seating or planting areas.

small backyard landscaping ideas